Monday, March 14, 2011

"I've got a special purpose! I've got a special purpose!"

Okay, do you know who said that, and where? If you do, great! If you don't - it's okay, all I need is this chair. And this plant. And this lamp... 

So anyway, all day during work, I was gung-ho about getting straight into working on my project tonight. But I was sooooooo tired. Eyestrain from work (probably not helped by Saturday's online presence buildup marathon). The stupid time change. Stress. Yadda yadda yadda. So, I didn't.

But... late in the workday, something did happen which matters to me. And even little things can be important.

I was re-entering my work area, opening the lock, and a little rhyme about it popped into my head. So, instead of brushing it off, I wrote it down. And when I had written the brunt of it, wondering, "What, is this another song? What is this? Just a stupid little ditty poem, meaning nothing? Huh whah huh?" - I suddenly realized that it might fit perfectly as an intro into the set of songs I'm currently working on.

A little background:

The first song, I wrote a long time ago. Put it aside. Never did anything with it. At the time, it was unlike any of the songs currently being produced. And, I wasn't able to record (it was before the rise of at-home recording). But I had a vision, even for the (fantasy of a) video for it.

Fast-forward to a few years ago, having finally built my system and able to record. Considered adding it to the list to record. But I wrote another song - an entirely different song, but somewhat on the same topic. Didn't think I could include both, so decided on the newer song.

Now let me interject - I've gone through periods of not knowing what's going on in the music scene. When I can't be writing or recording, it is painful to be exposed to new music. So, I avoid, because don't want to be inspired if I can't create. So I have big blank periods. And also, am very late to discover artists. Then, when I do, sometimes I am surprised of stylistic similarities to things I wrote long ago, which - back then - were just "weird" - but now would be quite acceptable or even trite.

At any rate, this happened with my old song. Maybe it's no longer unique, but might be "fresh" enough. I decided to record it after all - even though the two songs are on a similar topic - and do them as a pair, a couple, purposely sharing their theme. Not really a suite - since, to me, a suite would require three songs.

And here's where the door to my work area comes in.

The little rhyme about the lock could serve as the perfect intro to the "old" song...which then leads into the newer one. Making it 3 songs. The "suite" I was looking for.

Anyway, it may not develop into what I envision, but I just love serendipity. It all comes together.

And when that happens, I feel like this is my true calling - my special purpose. I've got one! But mine isn't in my pants.

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